Do you have any coupon codes?

It's pretty rare we have any coupon codes running, but if we do they'll be made available on announced for a limited time on our Instagram page. 


Do you accept custom orders?

Unfortunately I'm no longer able to accept any custom orders, all stickers are pre-made. Our sticker production process is very streamlined so any customisations will cause additional delays for other orders. 


Can I add or remove items from my order?

Once an order has been placed we cannot make any modifications, so please double check your order before placing it. 


Can I cancel my order?

Orders can be cancelled within two hours of being placed so long as it hasn't been marked as shipped yet. Please reach out ASAP if you wish to cancel your order.  


Can I return my order?

Orders cannot be returned once they've been dispatched, so please double check your order before placing it.  


I used the wrong address; What can I do?

Please double check your shipping address prior to placing your order. If your order has not been shipped yet, please contact us ASAP, however we cannot promise that we will be able to adjust your address. 

If your order has already been shipped there is unfortunately nothing we can do, and you'll be required to place a new order with the correct shipping address. 



I still haven't received my order; What can I do?

We know how frustrating it is to be eagerly awaiting your sticker order, before reaching out please double check the shipping times. 95% of the time even when a order hasn't made it within the allotted shipping times it will eventually turn up a few days later. 

If after waiting beyond the shipping times you have still not received your order, then please reach out to us. 


How can I track my order?

Please keep in mind that unless you have specifically purchased tracking with your order, it is unlikely that your order has a tracking number assigned to it. 

If you have purchased tracking with your order, after placing your order you will receive your tracking number. 


My question hasn't been answered here. Can I contact you?

Yes! Please use the contact form, we won't be checking any social media messages so please avoid messaging us on Instagram / YouTube etc.